domingo, 31 de octubre de 2010

Torré - Is It Too Late For Tomorrow (1986)

Hi again, I'm back with this classic from FreestyleTown. I posted this record 2 years ago & now here it is again.
This one is one of my favorite tracks ever. It is so hot & latin. What year was it produced? I saw it was released in 1986 but not sure. Where was it produced? It sounds like Miami, but I don't know exactly.
If you have some info of this record please share it with us. See you next week.

Side 1

Is It Too Late For Tomorrow (Vocal)

Side 2

Is It Too Late For Tomorrow (Dub)

Is It Too Late For Tomorrow (Radio Edit)

Tony "Dr. Edit" Garcia feat. Reinald-O & Phantom House - My Sweet Love b/w The Itch (1991)

Hello my friends. Today I'm here with this High Power release produced by Dr. Edit of course. It has 2 different artists in one record. On the first side is My Sweet Love by Reinald-O from 1989 & on the flip side is The Itch by Phantom House.
I think it was a bad idea to press a love song on one side & on the other a song about a new dance called the itch.
Well, the only clear version of The Itch is the radio mix, however, all the versions are so good, specially because they mix 'em with the synthetizer of Don't Go by Yazz.
See you soon friends, have a good week & a Happy Halloween.

Side One

My Sweet Love (Club Mix)

My Sweet Love (Percappella)

Side Two

The Itch (Radio Mix)

The Itch (House Mix)

The Itch (Club Mix)

The Itch (Mega Mix)

domingo, 17 de octubre de 2010

Lady Rose - Where We Please (1988)

Hello, this is the second record for today, this rare, amazing, strong, hot song from 1988.
Don't know who's Lady Rose but it seems she was a real artist. She wrote this song, she's the singer & she also played the guitar of this tune.
The second track of Side A seems to be a rap of the original song.
I can't believe there were only 3 people working on this song.
See you next week my friends.
I don't know how many times I'll keep posting 'till saturdays or sundays 'cause my homework is taking all my time.

Side A

Where We Please (Radio Edit)

Where We Please

Side B

Where We Please (Extended Mix)

Chrissy I-Eece - Love Desire (1988)

Chrissy Hernandez, most known as Chrissy I-Eece recorded this song back in 1988, it was produced & edited by Chep Nuñez on Blue Dog Records (the only 2 records I know of this label are this one & Marc Anthony's Rebel).
Side A of the record sounds great, but side B is so dirty & scratched, but it's playable (I believe the original owner of this vinyl used the first side to play & side B to scratch).
I think it has wrong order in 2 tracks, because Bonus Beats sound like Edited Version, & Edited Version like Bonus Beats.
Wait, because this weekend I will post another record.

Side A

Love Desire (Club Mix)

Love Desire (Edited Version)

Side B

Love Desire (Dub Version)

Love Desire (Bonus Beats)

Love Desire (Acappella)

viernes, 8 de octubre de 2010

Johnny O - Highways Of Love (198?)

Welcome back friends! Tonight I'm back with the favorite Freestyle label of all times... MicMac Records!!!
This time I wanna share this record from late 80's (1988? 1989?), Highways of Love by Johnny O. This one is from the old MicMac releases (for me, old MicMac releases are those with the red reel-to-reel logo on white-gray label).
For those who like early house music, European Version is perfect, but for those Freestyle fans like me, Club & Masterpiece are the best on this recod.
Have a nice weekend my friends, see you next week.

Side A

Highways of Love (Club Version)

Highways of Love (Radio Edit)

Side B

Highways of Love (Europe Verson)

Highways of Love (Tony Garcia & Omar Santana's Masterpiece)

viernes, 1 de octubre de 2010

Jill - Friendly Advice (1987)

HI! Tonight I'm sharin' this record too :) Jill had some good singles, this one is Friendly Advice from 1987. What I like about this record is it comes with 2 versions, Miami (latin & tropical) & New York (more electronic) mixes.
I am really confused about this record, one side reads Side One, the other, Side A, hehe.
I hope you like this one. See you next week with another single.

Side One

Friendly Advice (Miami Mix)
Side A

Friendly Advice (New York Mix)

Sweet Sensation - Take It While It's Hot b/w Coj Elo Lo Que Esta Caliente (1988)

Hola my friends :D Tonight I wanna start October with this smash hit from the 80's. I posted it before & I wanna post it once again. It is Take It While It's Hot by Sweet Sensation. This 7'' is really special for me, because it has 2 versions I never heard on any Freestyle compilation or radio.
The slow-jam intro on both sides is just amazing & the spanish version is really cool.
The record is the same I posted before (with scratches & noisy vinyl) but now it has a better quality of transfer. For some reason my copy came on the generic ATCO sleeve & not on that cool picture sleeve of Sweet Sensation dressing there crazy colored dresses.
Have a nice weekend, enjoy this record & tell me if you like it.
Side A
Side B
Coj Elo Lo Que Está Caliente (Vocal / Spanish Version)
Lyrics for the spanish version
yo he esperado, pacientemente
y he tratado de comprender
y ahora que estas aqui a mi lado
Siempre soñe que asi podia ser
como una fantasia, tu estas aqui
y ahora es como si fuera realidad
nos llama el destino,lo que siento es verdad
Trato de aguantar pero no puedo mas
quedo despierta, mi cuerpo tiembla cuando pienso en ti
la puerta está abierta, dime porqué no entras
compartiremos mucho mucho amor
Take it while it's hot, el tiempo ya está aqui
Take it while it's hot, y quiero amarte ya
Take it while it's hot, no me dejes sin tu amor
Take it while it's hot, quiero sentir tu calor
Tienes razon pero tienes que saber
que entre mas yo te veo mucho mas yo te quiero
los dias pasan, cumpleaños vienen van
enciende una vela y hare un deseo de amor
Me encanta como bailas, la manera en que te mueves
ese momento yo quiero darte lo que esperas
las luces ya estan bajas y yo estoy lista ya
perdemos tiempo y no espero mas
chorus x 2