viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

Infinity feat. Lizzie Perez - Not Gonna Be The One (1990)

It’s Friday, it means… FREESTYLE RECORD OF THE WEEK!!! Today once again I’m posting this classic but rare song from 1990. Don’t know who are Infinity, who’s Lizzie Perez or where they came from, but this song is really cool.
The Bonus Beats are just amazing; if you are a DJ you can mix them with anything. The Club Mix is really cool too, but, there is some noise of used vinyl, well, it’s the best copy I found.
I just can’t understand why Requestline Records produced only this record under the name Renaisance Records, well I don’t know but however, it’s one of my favorite records.
Have a nice weekend, I’ll be here next week posting a new record, God Bless You my friends.

Side A

Not Gonna Be The One (Satin Latin Club Mix)

Not Gonna Be The One (Power Radio Mix)

Side B

Not Gonna Be The One (La Casa Mix)

Not Gonna Be The One (Bonus Beats)

Not Gonna Be The One (Acapella)

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

Terry Parker - I Want Your Love (1989)

I’m back! Hello, welcome back to Freestyle Town with a new release, well I posted it 2 years ago but now it is uploaded with the magic of an USB Turntable hahaha. Today I wanna share with you I Want Your Love by Terry Parker from 1989. It is a nice song.
Hope you enjoy this record. Next week I’ll be back with a new release… do you want something rare or a Freestyle classic?
Have a nice weekend, God bless You :D

Side 1

I Want Your Love

Side 2

I Want Your Love (Club Mix)

I Want Your Love (Inst.)

viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

Jaime - Can't Stop The Love (1992)

Hello my friends, I’m back with a new record. It is a rare record released in 1992. This is the nearest Freestyle recording from the place I live (El Paso, TX). It was recorded & produced in Dallas... PURE TEXAN FREESTYLE!!!
This record has 4 songs, Can’t Stop The Love & Let’s Touch Bass are classic Freestyle rhythm, first one is so latin, second is more electronic. Rock Your Body is more like clave rhythm. So Close is a nice slow-jam.
Side 2 has all the songs in instrumental versions, but, with different intros, & first 2 are remixed.
Enjoy this record, dance to it & tell me if you like it. Have a wonderful week. God Bless You my dear friends.

Side 1

Can’t Stop The Love
Let's Touch Bass

Rock Your Body

So Close

Side 2

Rock Your Body (Instrumental Trax)
Can't Stop The Love (Instrumental Trax)

So Close (Instrumental Trax)

Let’s Touch Bass (Instrumental Trax)