domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Martika - Más De Lo Que Te Imaginas (1989)

Hi. I don't use to post albums or selected songs from an album in this blog, but today I had to make an exception.
This song called "Mas de lo que te Imaginas" is a spanish version for the Freestyle hit of Martika "More Than You Know". It only comes on some latin pressings of her self-titled album.
This is the mexican pressing, so the english version was replaced for this one, also it replaces her smash hit "Toy Soldiers" for a spanish version called "Como Un Juguete".
Enjoy it friends!!

Mas De Lo Que Te Imaginas (More Than You Know in Spanish)

Bonus Track:
Como Un Juguete (Toy Soldiers in Spanish)

Bose - Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (1988)

Hello to all my friends. I posted this record more than 2 years ago, when FreestyleTown started, but now it is once again with a better sound quality & a louder sound.
This is from 1988. Is an electro-freestyle-breack-beat tune I found a long time ago. It was produced by Rockwell Records, & distributed by Hot Productions. You will love this song, my favorite version is Radio.
Have a nice week & tell me if you like this record.

Side A

Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (Radio)

Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (Percapella)

Side B

Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (Club Mix)

Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (Inst)

sábado, 20 de noviembre de 2010

Leo - Don't Want You To Go (1989)

Hi, this is the second record for this week. This one from 1989 is amazing, it came out on M-Pire Records, same year & label of So Tell Me, Tell Me by Shavonne.
Have a good night & tell me if you like this song. God bless you my friends.

This Side

Don't Want You To Go (Club Mix)

Don't Want You To Go (Radio Mix)

That Side

Don't Want You To Go (House Mix)

Don't Want You To Go (Komix Dub)

Little Suzy - Randy (1988)

Good evening my friends, now I'm sharing this record I posted a few years ago. This is the first song Little Suzy recorded, when she was just 8 years old.
This is a good song, the edits are really good too.
I'm not sure but Lil' Suzy seems to be the youngest freestyle diva of all times.
Enjoy this record & tell me... don't you love how tender this tune sounds? Love it! :D

Side 1

Randy (Club Version)

Side 2

Randy (Dub Version)

Randy (Edited Version)

lunes, 15 de noviembre de 2010

Louie Louie - Sittin' in The Lap of Luxury (1990)

Today I'm back with this song from 1990. This is more hip-hop than Freestyle, but it works.
This record produced in the US by WTG Records (same label of Nayobe on late 80's) was pressed in Mexico too, but here it was published by CBS.
This 7'' promotional record has the same song & version on both sides, that's why I posted just side 1.
See you next week my friends.

Side 1

Sittin' In The Lap Of Luxury

domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Ivette Carrion - Let Me Be (1988)

Hello friends, tonight I'm posting this track from 88. Let Me Be by Genuine Part's Ivette Carrion, one of my favorites from Freestyle, don't know why, maybe because it has everything I like about freestyle, a nice voice, cool beats, amazing edits, Miami sound & the best of all, it is from 1988 (for me, the best year for music).
I just can't explain why artists like her just recorded one song & then they dissapear (or they have even rarer recordings).
See you my friends, enjoy this record &... DANCE!!! =D

Side 1

Let Me Be (Club Mix)

Let Me Be (Radio Mix)

Side 2

Let Me Be (Dub Mix)

Let Me Be (Bonus Beats)

domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

Jason Tomi - Cry For Love (1991)

Hi friends I'm back after a long week. Tonight I'm sharing this Ligosa record from 1991. I found it last week in the garage of one of my cousins, he bought it a long time ago but I just knew it last week... & he gave it to me with other records!!!
This one is Cry For Love by Jason Tomi from 1991. This one is more hip-hop than freestyle but it is really good. The last 2 versions on side 2 come together in the same link, because they come together like one track.
I hope you enjoy it & dance with it :)
See you next weekend.

Side One

Cry For Love (Club Mix)

Cry For Love (Dub Mix)

Side Two

Cry For Love (Radio Edit)

Cry For Love (Gogopella)
Cry For Love (Beats & Doors)