viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Cindy Rae - You're My Devotion (1988)

Hi once again my friends, today I have for you this record I posted almost 3 years ago, but now with the magic of ION Profile Turntable hahaha.
This is You’re My Devotion performed by Cindy Rae back in 1988, this was produced & edited by Chep Nuñez.
All the 3 versions of this song are really cool, also Dub version. I don’t like dub versions of most of the songs but this one is really good.
Enjoy all the versions of this danceable song, next week I’ll come back with a new record for you, keep following our blog & share it with your friends.
Have a nice day, God Bless You.

Side A

You're My Devotion (Radio Version)

You're My Devotion (Radio Club Mix)

Side B

You're My Devotion (Dub Mix)

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

TKA - Maria (1992)

Hello my dear friends & bloggers! Today I’m back with this record from 1992 from another classic amazing Freestyle group, TKA!!! This is Maria single, this is one of the best 12 singles of this group, but not because of Maria tracks (at least not for me), it is because of the Tears May Fall remix with a new refreshing different version, beats, voices, & edits. I really hope you like this record (despite it sounds dirty & scratchy in some parts) & all the songs. The A Capella version of Maria can be mixed & remixed with any song. If you are a DJ & you make a remix using any song with this A Capella, send it to me please & I’ll post it on the blog promoting your music, website, or blog.
Have a wonderful day & a wonderful weekend, God Bless You.
See you next week my friends.


Maria (12’’ Vocal)

Maria (Radio Edit)


Maria (A Capella)

Tears May Fall (1992 Remix)

viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Herbie Hancock - Rockit (1983)

I’m back… hello friends, today I have for you this classic break-beat, freestyle tune from 1983, Rockit! But here, I have a special edition; it is the Mexican 12’’ single, released by discos CBS (then Sony Music). This is a limited red vinyl record “for collectors only”.
It includes the same extended version from the original release, nothing changes but the format.
Hope you enjoy this record, have a wonderful weekend, God Bless You.

Lado A

Rockit (Versión Larga)

Lado B

Autodrive (Versión Larga)

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

London Exchange - Lost Without Your Touch (1989)

Hi my dear friends, welcome back. Today I’m posting this amazing Freestyle song, one of my favorites from one of those different concept Freestyle artists, London Exchange.They were most know for their song Memories Of You (that will be posted here someday). For me, they have a similar style than Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode & Information Society.
All versions are excellent, the Club Mix (B-2) is my favorite because it has more Freestyle beat than the other versions. Could somebody tell me if the part from minute 5:18 to 5:36 on this version came from a videogame? I’m almost sure it is but maybe is not.
The last 2 dub versions come in one link because they come together on the record.
Enjoy it my friends, have a wonderful weekend & tell me if you like this record.
God Bless You Friends


Lost Without Your Touch (Extended Radio)

Lost Without Your Touch (Edited Radio)


Lost Without Your Touch (Club Mix)

Lost Without Your Touch (London Semi House Dub & Phil's Lost Bonus Beats)