viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Pat Marano - The More I Get (The More I Want) (1987)

Hello once again my dear friends! Today I am posting this record from 1987 performed by Pat Marano, who recorded just 2 known songs, the Hi-NRG single “Love Disco Style” & this Freestyle tune.
Both versions of this one are really good, radio version is not exactly an edited version of club mix, it has some differences.
Have a nice weekend, next week I’ll come back with a “new” release. God bless you my friends.

Side 1

The More I Get (The More I Want)

Side 2

The More I Get (The More I Want) (Club Mix)

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Bonton - Crying From A Broken Heart (1988)

Hello my friends! Today I’m really happy because today started autumn (or fall, however haha). I’m that happy that I posted one record of my special collection. Also, this is my number 4 on my “Top 10: Favorite Freestyle Songs Ever”.
As I know (because I asked on youtube, personally to the husband of the girl who sings) they released only 1000 copies of this record, but they sold less than 900. But the fact with this record is not the rarity, the fact is that it is really really good, really strong, with nice vocals & edits. The producers, editors, programmers, mixers & singer were genius of music, & I still wonder why they didn’t released another record.
I don’t have a favorite version on this record because all 4 versions are really good.
Enjoy this record, play it on your car, your house, your work station, your parties, with your friends, wherever you go, because I posted it specially for you 
God bless you my friends, see you next week with another record.

Side A

Crying From A Broken Heart (Rox’s Club Mix)

Crying From A Broken Heart (Raed Dubs From A Broken Heart)

Side B

Crying From A Broken Heart (Radio Version)

Crying From A Broken Heart (Xander & Louis Mix)

jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Im-Mäge - I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (1987)

Hello! Hello!! Hello my Friends!!! Today I woke up really happy, thinking about this song. You know, in my “Top 10: Favorite Freestyle Songs Ever” this is my number 3 (then, when I get the records I’ll post all the other 9 songs). This songs is really lovely, beautiful & with an amazing sound. The lyrics are simply beautiful & the entire song is A+.
I don’t know who is Im-Mäge & I don’t know why she (or they) didn’t record another song. For me, they had a different concept, other kind of lyrics, other kind of style & rhythm.
I really don’t know why but I love to listen this song in my MP3 player on the way from school to home when the weather is cold. It brings me back good memories of my childhood back in early 90’s.
Hope you enjoy this song & please, if you can share with us the complete lyrics of this song I will be really thankful.
God Bless You friends. See you next week with another Freestyle release.

Side A

I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (Club Mix)

Side B

I'll Never Stop (Dubbing You)

I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (Radio Version)

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Tonasia - Tears Of Tears (1991)

Hi! Hello my dear friends, today I have for you this MicMac release from 1991, it’s Tonasia’s Tears of Tears. You know, I bought this record sealed & the first time I played it was when I converted it to mp3, so, you are listening to a completely new record, without scratches, background noises or skips.
If you knew that my favorite version is Berrios Beats, you know me very well, haha. But this is not my favorite Tonasia’s single, my first favorite is Wondering & second Games Of Love, but I don’t find them yet.
Enjoy this song & all the bonus beats on side 2, God Bless You, see you next week with another release.

Side 1

Tears Of Tears (Club Version)

Tears Of Tears (Radio Version)

Side 2

Tears Of Tears (OS Dub Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Grendel Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Berrios Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Beats of the Saints)

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight (1988)

Once again, hello!! Now I have right here this 12’’ single with 2 different styles. This is Let Me Love You For Tonight by Kariya. It seems to be the first version of this song (because there are a lot of remixes of the 90’s & the 00’s). Side X includes 3 awesome Freestyle (Hip-Hop) versions. Side Y includes 2 house versions & an acapella that can be mixed with other songs & beats. You know, I don’t like house versions of Freestyle songs, but here I had to make an exception.
Well, the vinyl is not in perfect condition but, well, it sounds very good.
See you next week my friends  Have a wonderful weekend & God Bless You.

Side X

Let Me Love You For Tonight (Hip-Hop Club Version)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (Radical Hip-Hop Dub)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (Hip-Hop Radio Version)

Side Y

Let Me Love You For Tonight (House Club)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (Acapella)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (House Radio Version)

Debbie Deb - Lookout Weekend (1984)

Hello people, hello my friends!!! Today I have 2 records for you.
This one is a classic from the 80’s, Lookout Weekend by Debbie Deb, one of the most common Freestyle songs of all times.
Instrumental version is really nice & is more extended than vocal version.
I found this copy in very good condition on a flea market, almost 6 years ago. It was less than a dollar, I was lucky :)
Really hope you enjoy this record.

Side A

Lookout Weekend

Side B

Lookout Weekend (Inst.)