sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Nino - Just For You (1991)

At Last! Hello my dear friends. I am back, now with this awesome record from 1991.
It is Just For You by Nino. This record is not one of my favorites, but it is really good, because of the beat & lyrics.
All I know about this record (just because I red it on the label) is that it was produced by Adam Marano & the TPE is on the background vocals.
I tried 4Shared, MediaFire & ZShare.net, but nothing worked. I found this new ZShare, I don’t know how it works but the files will be uploaded temporally here. The only disadvantage of this site is that you have to download the file to listen to it. I hope it works for you.
Enjoy this record. See you next week. God Bless You.

Side A

Just For You (Club)

Just For You (Radio)

Side B Just For You (Mike Wills)

Just For You (Percapella)

Just For You (Bonus Beats)

martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

FreestyleTown News (about 4Shared)

Hello friends, I didn't post a new record yet because I have 2 or 3 weeks having problems with 4Shared. I'll keep trying uploading, if not, temporally I will upload it in zShare & when 4Shared works again I'll replace the link.
Thank you so much my friends.

jueves, 10 de mayo de 2012

TKA - One Way Love (1986)

Hi my friends! Today I’m back with this release from 1986. It is TKA’s first record “One Way Love”. This is one of the first Freestyle records I bought. I found it in 2005 on a local record & book store near downtown. Hope you enjoy it in all its versions. See you friends. God bless You.

Side A

One Way Love (Vocal)

Side B

One Way Love (Dub)

One Way Love (The Nest Mix)

viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Coro - My Fallen Angel (1991)

Hello everybody! Today I’m back after two weeks without new posts, the reason? I just didn’t understand the new version of blogger. I don’t like the new way to post but however, they did it on youtube, they did it on facebook, now it’s time for blogger.
Today I have for you this awesome vinyl from 1991, my favorite song of Coro. All the versions are really good but my favorites are A1 & B1. Also, I posted for you a cool (& kinda funny) performance from 1991 on the Rik Tuner Show.
I really hope you enjoy it, for me is better than the original video. And of course, the performance of Anastasia (the girl with glasses) is what it makes the video so cool.

A Side

My Fallen Angel (Extended Dance Mix)

My Fallen Angel (House “Angel” Beats)

B Side

My Fallen Angel (My Angel Beat Dub)

My Fallen Angel (Acapella)

My Fallen Angel (4x4 Radio Mix)

jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Bit Fancy - What I Want (1988)

Hi my friends. Did you see this record before? I never saw this one, but a long time ago I found it on a record store on the web. Because of the price (less than 5 bucks) I thought it was a common record, but when I tried to find info, I understood the seller didn’t know about the rarity of the record.
This is What I Want by Bit Fancy from 1988. You may know the singer of this track. She is the vocalist of Black Pearl, the group who recorded just a year before Don’t Turn Away (or at least that’s what they say on youtube).
All the tracks on this vinyl are simply amazing, really cool & the edits are just perfect.
Well, hope you enjoy this record, have a nice week. God bless you.


What I Want (Club Mix)


What I Want (Radio)

What I Want (Dub Version)

viernes, 30 de marzo de 2012

C-Bank feat. Diamond Eyes - I Won't Stop Loving You (1986)

Hello everybody! Today I have another of my favorites, another of the records of Sergio DJ, the man who gave me the last 3 records I posted.
About this record, he told me he remembers one night he was performing in a party outside a house on December ’89. He remembers playing this record when suddenly the tonearm slipped to the center of record. He didn’t know why, but when he saw closer both turntables, the records were totally frozen (because he used to clean them with a watery solution before playing) haha.
I usually don’t like dub versions but the Dub on this records is simply weird & awesome.
Enjoy this classic from Freestyle music, see you next week. God bless you.

Side A

I Won’t Stop Loving You (Club Mix)

I Won't Stop Loving You (Radio Version)

Side B

I Won't Stop Loving You (Dub)

I Won't Stop Loving You (Acapella)

lunes, 19 de marzo de 2012

Tolga - Leave It All Behind (1988)

Hello my friends! I’m back this cold rainy Monday (well, in my town it is). Today I have another classic from the 80’s, one of the first I herd on a mixtape. It’s Tolga’s Leave It All Behind. I wanted the Midtown version but, well, I found this one for now.
Enjoy it my friends. God bless you.

Side A

Leave It All Behind (12’’ Ver.)

Leave It All Behind (7’’ Ver.)

Side B

Leave It All Behind (Dub)

Leave It All Behind (Vocal Dub)

domingo, 11 de marzo de 2012

Cynthia & Johnny ''O'' - Dreamboy / Dreamgirl (1990)

Hi my friends, today I have this classic, one of my favorite MicMac’s. It’s Dreamboy Dreamgirl. I’m posting it because last week a DJ in my work gave me this record. He bought it in November 1990 (I love when people write the date of purchase on MicMac records, so it gives me an idea of the year it was released, hahaha). Also, as I know, the CD of this song was edited in late 1989 & the vinyl in early 1990.
The same day he gave me this record, he played a CD with MicMac hits in the sound system of my work & I saw at least 4 or 5 people singing this song along, haha.
Hope you like this record, despite of the scratched vinyl. God bless you.

Side 1

Dreamboy / Dreamgirl (Radio Pop Version)

Dreamboy / Dreamgirl (Radio Freestyle Mix)

Side 2

Dreamboy / Dreamgirl (Club Mix)

Dreamboy / Dreamgirl (Instrumental Mix)

Dreamboy / Dreamgirl (Dr. Tony's Bonus)

sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam with Full Force - Can You Feel The Beat (1985)

Hello! Today I’m back with this 80’s classic. It’s Lisa Lisa performing Can You Feel The Beat from 1985.
I have this record since I’m a kid, but just a few years ago I found the picture sleeve in a flea market, so I placed another 45 I wanted into the sleeve & bought both, record & sleeve hehe.
Hope you enjoy this record. I also have the 12’’ of this song but for some reason, my favorite is the 45, but of course then I will post the 12’’.
God bless you my friends! Enjoy this tune.

Side 1

Can You Feel The Beat

Side 2

Beat The Feel You Can (Slick Mix)

sábado, 25 de febrero de 2012

Sa-Fire - Boy I've Been Told (1988)

Hola everybody! Today I’m here posting for you this classic track from 1988. It’s Sa-Fire’s hit Boy I’ve Been Told. This has to be one of the first Freestyle songs I herd in my life because, as I know, my dad bought this record when I was just a few months old, haha. And I remember I liked Sa-Fire & all her singles when I was a kid.
My favorite versions are of course Club Mix & the Rascal Dub. I don’t usually like dub versions but this one is really really cool &… interesting, haha.
I’m re-uploading everything to 4Shared. If you see something wrong in the 4Shared links please tell me, I’m working for you.
Oh & yeah, forget about the zShare links, they’re dead.
See you next week with another Freestyle classic. God bless you.

Side 1

Boy I've Been Told (Club Mix)

Boy I've Been Told (7'' Remix)

Side 2

Boy I've Been Told (Rascal Dub)

Boy I've Been Told (Two In A Room Dub)

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Cynthia - Thief Of Hearts (1989)

Hello my Freestyle friends. Today I want to share with you this track from 1989. It’s Cynthia’s Thief Of Hearts. This is one of my favorite MicMac productions because of it’s different versions.
Curiously, the Power Mix seems to use the same percussion programming of Find Another Puppet by Class, isn’t it? Also, Class record was the next release of MicMac after Thief Of Hearts.
Well, all side 1 is made for Freestyle lovers, but if you like house music, listen to side 2, you will like it.
I tried to upload the songs in WinRAR & Zip folders but I didn’t know how. It seems I have to keep trying, haha.
See you next week my friends, God bless you.

Side 1

Thief Of Hearts (Freestyle Mix)

Thief Of Hearts (Power Mix)

Thief Of Hearts (Hot Radio Mix)

Side 2

Thief Of Hearts (Condo Mix)

Thief Of Hearts (Co-Op Mix)

sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Nico - Don't You Leave Me (1989)

Hello FreestyleTown friends, I’m back today with my favorite Freestyle song ever. Yeah! It is “Don’t You Leave Me” by Nico from 1989.
This song includes the voices of Trilogy (Red Hot, Latin Love), & Solid (Loving You). Also, it is edited by my favorite editor & producer ever, Mr. Carlos Berrios. The Berrios Beats are simply amazing & perfect, just like all the Berrios Beats.
I’m sure you will love this post. If you don’t listen to this song yet, you will love it, I’m sure!
Have a beautiful week, a happy St. Valentines Day… & don’t forget it, be happy no matter what!
God bless You my dear friends.
Ps. Here’s a video of me playing the record, hehe.

Side A

Don’t You Leave Me (Club Mix)

Don't You Leave Me (Radio Edit)

Side B

Don't You Leave Me (Dub Mix)

Don't You Leave Me (Berrios Beats)

sábado, 28 de enero de 2012

Bonus 21 - Mario Syndrome (1986)

Hello my dear friends! Here I am tonight with this awesome record I found last week. This is more breakbeat & disco than freestyle, but I wanted to share it with you. It is a Japanese record with an arranged version of Super Mario Bros. 1 soundtrack.
I’m a big fan of 80’s videogames & Nintendo; also I love 80’s music & vinyl records, so this is a perfect record.
I don’t like so much the Princess Peach song (based on the music of the water levels) but it has a lot of good loops of the videogame, that’s the only reason I like it.
Well, I really hope you enjoy this record, I promise next week I’ll be back with a new Freestyle release. I have something in mind, so I really hope I can post it.
God bless you my friends, see you next week.

Side 1

Mario Syndrome

Side 2

Mario Syndrome (Re-Mix Version)

Princess Peach

domingo, 22 de enero de 2012

Noel - Like A Child (1988)

Hi my dear friends & fans of Freestyle music! I’m back this Sunday with this classic hit from late 80’s. This is not one of my favorite songs (I have the record because one of my uncles gave it to me), but I know somebody here will like it. My favorite of Noel of course is Silent Morning.
Well, hope you like this 45, despite it includes only 2 short versions hehe. Have a nice week & keep Freestyle music alive! God bless you friends!

Side 1

Like A Child (7'' Radio Edit)

Side 2

Like A Child (Heartthrob Dub)

lunes, 16 de enero de 2012

Shana - You Can't Get Away (1990)

Hello my friends! I’m back with this classic from 1990. It’s Shana Petrone’s “You Can’t Get Away”. When I first heard this song when I was a kid I didn’t like it, I don’t know why, haha, but now I think is a cool one.
Also, I have the “I Want You” album, but it is the Mexican pressing. Curiosly it was pressed on CBS/Sony Music, not on Vision Records. Hope soon post one or two tracks of the album.
Well, for now, enjoy this record & all the versions. Like I did before with other records, 2 songs are on the same link; in this case, side B is on one link, because both songs come together.
Have a nice week my friends, God bless you.

Side A

You Can't Get Away (Radio Hot Remix)

You Can't Get Away (Extended Hot Remix)

You Can't Get Away (Radio Edit (LP Version))

Side B

You Can't Get Away (Technomix Part 1 Vocal)
You Can't Get Away (Technomix Part 2 Dub)