jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Deco At Heart - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (1987)

Hi again friends :D once again I'm back. Now with this record from 1987 recorded by Deco At Heart, as I know, but I'm not sure, they are Nice & Wild (Diamond Girl) but without John Minnis & with a new female singer. This song is really good, is one of those songs that make me feel happy.
It has just 2 versions, but they are really good, they are so electronic, so latin, so cool.
OK, see you next weekend my friends, thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'll be posting more Freestyle MP3's for you. God Bless You.

Side 1

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

Side 2

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Single Version)

Nea - You've Gone Away (1990)

Hello to all my dear friends, hello to all the Freestyle lovers here, welcome back to your place for Freestyle vinyls.
Tomorrow I'll be really bussy, so tonight is the night for sharing this record with you. This is You've Gone Away by Nea, another of my favorite Freestyle tunes. I don't know if she recorded another song or if she is still recording. The few thing I know about this record are because I red 'em on the label hahaha.
This vinyl has awesome edits, a powerfull beat & an amazing voice, just perfect.
I know you will love this record. Wait, I'll post a new one today.

Side 1

You've Gone Away (Free Style Club)

You've Gone Away (Free Style Radio)

You've Gone Away (Dub)

Side 2

You've Gone Away (House)

You've Gone Away (House Radio)

lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Madi - Can You Feel My Love For You (1987)

Hello friends, last weekend I didn't post new release because I had too much homework, but now that I finished it, here I am.
Today I'm uploading this record released back in 1987, it was the first 12'' single I posted here on FreestyleTown, back in summer 2008.
This song was produced by one of my favorite 80's music producer, Lewis A. Martineé, same producer of Exposé's albums & songs. That's the reason why the intro of the Extended Mix of this record, sounds a lot like the intro of Point Of No Return by Exposé.
Hope you like this release, see you next weekend, well, if homework doesn't take all my time again :D God Bless You.

Side A
Can You Feel My Love For You (Radio Mix)
Can You Feel My Love For You (Dub Mix)
Side B
Can You Feel My Love For You (Extended Mix)

domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Glenn Street - Hardline (1988)

Hello my dear friends!! Today I have for you this 1988 record released by On The Spot Records. You know, I always knew On The Spot Records because of there Hi-NRG, italo, dance music (when my dad was a DJ, he had Stacey Q's Two Of Hearts from 1985 released on this label). But then, searching for more info about this label, I found there was more than that. This label has some of my favorite Freestyle tunes, those are Sue Gatlin's Two Of Hearts, Show Me Girl by Facadz, 3 American Mexican's Sweet Sensation (all listened on cassette tapes or mp3, but someday gonna get 'em on vinyl, yeah!), & this one, the most common of there Freestyle tunes.
Enjoy it my friends, the half speed version is... really interesting, hahaha, I mean, it can be mixed with anything (I wish it had a complete vocal half speed version), & of course the 12'' dance mix is awesome.
Have a gorgeous week my friends, God Bless You.

Side 1

Hardline (12'' Dance Mix)

Hardline (Half Speed Version)

Side 2

Hardline (7'' Radio Mix)

Hardline (Bonus Beat Acapella)

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Connie - Funky Little Beat (1985)

Hello friends, I'm back, after the storm that shocked my town. Today I wanna share with you this mega classic tune from 1985, one of the best & famous songs by Amos Larkins.
This song came out in 1985 being the first song that Connie recorded, after that, she recorded a few songs more (my favorite is Tonights The Night). Then, 11 years after. in 1996, Debbie Deb recorder her own version for Funky Little Beat, that is as good as the original.
OK, have a wonderfull week, I'll be back next weekend with a new tune, thanks for your votes, your visits, for your c-box comments & coments on posts.
See you friends, God Bless You

Side A

Funky Little Beat

Side B

Funky Little Beat (Instrumental)

Funky Little Beat (Edited Version)