viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Robbie - Girl I Need You (198? - 199?)

Hello! Last week I told you that today I’ve been posting one of my favorite Freestyle songs ever. This one is #6 in my top.
The producers, editors, mixers & singer in this record knew exactly what I like haha. It is “Girl I Need You” performed by Robbie. I don’t know what year was this record released, but it seems to be between 1988 & 1990. If somebody knows the year, please share it with us.
The edits on Club Mix are just awesome, perfect, and really good for an independent recording. I hope you like this record.
See you next week, or next time haha, God Bless You my Friends!

Side A

Girl I Need You (Club Mix)

Girl I Need You (Radio Edit)

Side B

Girl I Need You (House Mix)

Girl I Need You (Acapella)

Girl I Need You (Bonus Dub Mix)

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Stevie B - I Wanna Be The One (1988)

Hello, I’m back after 2 long weeks, I was very stressed & full of homework, but here I am. Today I have this 7’’ from Stevie B’s hit “I Wanna Be The One”.
Side A is the classic radio version of this song, my favorite version for some reason. Side B has the Extended Version of the song, but, there is a problem with it. The grooves on this side are very close to each other, to make this version of 7:00 minutes “fit” on this 7’’ record. As I know, it’s almost impossible to do it with a high tone recording, but they did it. The result: Very low recording sound & very high surface sound.
However, this song is really good. Like I use to say, I really hope you enjoy this record.
See you next week. Oh! I found a record I like so much & next time I will post it, hope you like it too. Which one? Hehehehe.
God Bless You!

A Side

I Wanna Be The One (Radio Mix)

B Side

I Wanna Be The One (Extended Mix)

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Exposé - Exposed To Love (1985)

Hi my friends! Today I have for you one of the first Freestyle songs I heard in my life. When I was a little kid my father had the Exposé’s album “Exposure” on cassette, he used to listen to it every day in the house & in the car. I remember (I’m not sure) the cassette was red. Then, he lost his tape in early 90’s. But then I started to buy all the singles of Exposé on vinyl, including this one &, for a few songs that are not on singles, I bought the CD.
Hope you enjoy this record, next week I’ll post something new.

Side 1

Exposed To Love

Side 2

Exposed To Love (Dub Mix)