jueves, 30 de diciembre de 2010

Daize - Wings Of Love b/w Don't Want To Lose Your Love (1991)

Hi my dear friends, welcome back to FreestyleTown, today I'm posting for you this 2 songs, 6 track record from 1991. It is Wings Of Love & Don't Want To Lose Your Love by Daize. Side 2 is one of my favorites, it brings back good memories for me, when I was 4yo back in 1992 & my high-school uncles used to listen this kind of music with me.
Enjoy this record my friends, I'll try to come back tomorrow night. God bless you.
Dis Side
Wings of Love (Freestylemix)
Wings of Love (G-Boneshausmix)
Wings of Love (Everybodymix)
Dat side
Don't Want To Lose Your Love (Hiphopmix)
Don't Want To Lose Your Love (Spanglishmix)
Don't Want To Lose Your Love (Anothermix)

lunes, 20 de diciembre de 2010

Stop - Move Your Body (1988)

Hi my dear friends, today I'm back with this record I posted 2 years ago. It's a hi-nrg latin freestyle song produced by one of my favorite hi-nrg groups, Stop, the same guys who recorded Wake Up in 85.
The record is as damaged as the paper sleeve, as I know, the original owner stored his records in a cardboard box on his backyard for many years... but it plays well, haha.
Enjoy this record, enjoy this week & have a wonderful Christmas eve :)
God Bless You friends.


Move Your Body (Version Larga)

Move Your Body (Version Radio)

Move Your Body (Version Instrumental)

viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Daydream - Wait and See (1990)

Hello everybody, this cold night I'm posting for you this single I found last year in a garage sale in El Paso. When I saw it in front of my eyes I didn't believe it.
This record was released in 1990, by MKG Records, a Michael Kidd Gomez label. This song, for me sounds a lot like Tear Shed, produced by MKG just 2 years before this record.
All the record is so good, but the edits on Club at minute 3:40 really really rock!
If you're a Freestyle fan & you didn't hear this song before, I know you will love it :)
Have a happy weekend my friends, I'll try to come back 1 or 2 times before Christmas. God Bless You.

Side A

Wait and See (Extended Club Version)

Wait and See (Radio Version)

Side B

Wait and See (House Version)

Wait and See (Dub Version)

Wait and See (Bonus Beats)

viernes, 10 de diciembre de 2010

Vou Dou Danse - 2 Get 2 U b/w Give Me 2 Night (1992)

Hi friends, the reason I posted Give Me Tonight by Shannon last week it's because tonight I have something special for you, well, is one of my favorite Freestyle songs from the 90's.
Shannon recorded Give Me Tonight back in 1984, being one of the early hits on Freestyle music. Then in 1992, 8 years later, the group Vou Dou Danse (most known for the song Am I The One) released a cover of Shannon's hit.
So here it is the cover of that classic song, on side AA of this single released by Ex-It Records.
Side A of this vinyl is good too. Hope you enjoy it my friends, have a wonderful weekend & don't forget we're back next week. God Bless You.

viernes, 3 de diciembre de 2010

Shannon - Give Me Tonight (1984)

Hello friends, here we are once again, but tonight with this classic single from 1984. This is the mexican edition for this record, it was released late 1984 by Discos Musart & Trébol. This record like all the Trébol records from the 80's has it's own sleeve, they never released a generic sleeve for those records. But if you remember, this sleeve is the generic sleeve for the Atlantic Records 12'' in the US in early 80's.
Also, for some reason, side A has the Dub Version of the song, & side B has the original version.
See you next week my friends. God bless you :)