sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

A Girl Named Mitchell - Meltdown (1990)

A New Decade
A New Artist
A Girl Named Mitchell!
…This is what the promotional label of this rare record from 1990 says.
Hello my dear friends! A few weeks ago I found this record on a Fye store in El Paso on the section of used records.
I never herd about this record; I just saw a copy on eBay a long time ago.
I don’t know anything about this label; I don’t know who Mitchell is.
But, this record is very cool from beginning to end. The Unique Mix is the “new school” Freestyle version. The Hot Mix is like an “old school” version, it sounds like the beat of Show Me by the Cover Girls.
All the Zap Side (B Side I suppose) is House version & it comes together in one link because both 2 versions come together.
I know you will enjoy this record, it is really good. Well, see you next time my friends, have a wonderful week. God bless You.

Zip Side

Meltdown (The Unique Mix)

Meltdown (Hot Mix)

Zap Side

Meltdown (The Atomic Mix & Wicked Bonus Mix)

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Boys Of Darkness - Near Midnight (198?)

Hola people! I’m back with this weird release I found. It’s Near Midnight by the Boys of Darkness. It seems it was released back in 1988 or 1989, but it has no year. I didn’t find info about this record but I know it was very common & popular back in the day.
Today I started using 4Shared, hope it works better than ZShare for you.
I know you will like this electro-freestyle song in all the 4 versions. God bless you friends, see you next week.

Side A

Near Midnight (Club Mix)

Near Midnight (Radio Mix)

Side B

Near Midnight (Dub Mix)

Near Midnight (Bonus Mix)

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

Wild Mary - No One Knows (1987)

Hello, I’m back with another awesome Freestyle tune, this time is for Wild Mary’s No One Knows from 1987. As I know, this song was originally released on Pantera Records, but it was named No One Knows Where She Goes by Mary’s Wild. Then it was released on Atlantic.
I really tried to upload the mp3’s in another share website but I didn’t know how to upload in others. But I’ll keep trying.
Enjoy this record. All the versions are really good, but of course Vocal Extended Mix is my favorite.
See you next week, God bless You.

A Side

No One Knows (Vocal Extended Mix)

No One Knows (Euro Mix)

B Side

No One Knows (Bonus Beats)

No One Knows (Dub Mix)