viernes, 27 de abril de 2012

Coro - My Fallen Angel (1991)

Hello everybody! Today I’m back after two weeks without new posts, the reason? I just didn’t understand the new version of blogger. I don’t like the new way to post but however, they did it on youtube, they did it on facebook, now it’s time for blogger.
Today I have for you this awesome vinyl from 1991, my favorite song of Coro. All the versions are really good but my favorites are A1 & B1. Also, I posted for you a cool (& kinda funny) performance from 1991 on the Rik Tuner Show.
I really hope you enjoy it, for me is better than the original video. And of course, the performance of Anastasia (the girl with glasses) is what it makes the video so cool.

A Side

My Fallen Angel (Extended Dance Mix)

My Fallen Angel (House “Angel” Beats)

B Side

My Fallen Angel (My Angel Beat Dub)

My Fallen Angel (Acapella)

My Fallen Angel (4x4 Radio Mix)

jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Bit Fancy - What I Want (1988)

Hi my friends. Did you see this record before? I never saw this one, but a long time ago I found it on a record store on the web. Because of the price (less than 5 bucks) I thought it was a common record, but when I tried to find info, I understood the seller didn’t know about the rarity of the record.
This is What I Want by Bit Fancy from 1988. You may know the singer of this track. She is the vocalist of Black Pearl, the group who recorded just a year before Don’t Turn Away (or at least that’s what they say on youtube).
All the tracks on this vinyl are simply amazing, really cool & the edits are just perfect.
Well, hope you enjoy this record, have a nice week. God bless you.


What I Want (Club Mix)


What I Want (Radio)

What I Want (Dub Version)