sábado, 31 de diciembre de 2011

Simon - Without You (I'll Never Be The Same) (1991)

Hello & Happy New Year My Friends!!!
Hi, today I want to finish this 2011 sharing with you this record of Simon Erani, the same boy who recorded Let Me Be The One in 1989.
Despite this is not one of my favorite Freestyle songs, the lyrics on this song are really good & romantic for me, one of the best lyrics I’ve heard. Also the edits & music are nice too. My favorite versions are the Club Mix & the Blue Radio Mix.
Hope you enjoy this record.
Have a wonderful 2012, God bless You. See you next year my friends (I mean, next week, haha).

Side A

Without You (I'll Never Be The Same) (Extended Club Mix)

Without You (I'll Never Be The Same) (House Mix)

Side B

Without You (I'll Never Be The Same) (Blue Radio Mix)

Without You (I'll Never Be The Same) (True Radio Club Mix)

Without You (I'll Never Be The Same) (Oh, Oh Dub Mix)

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

Rudy Gil - Why Did You Run Away (1986)

Hello my dear friends! Happy Holidays & Merry Christmas!
Today I want to share with you one of the most special records in my collection. “Why Did You Run Away” performed by Secret Society’s Rudy Gil.
This record is very special because it was signed by Rudy. I’m not sure who signed the other side but it has to be one of the producers.
Also, the song is one of my favorites. It’s part of my Top Ten of Freestyle songs.
Enjoy this rare record from 1986.
Happy Holidays to all my friends around the world. God bless You.

Side A

Why Did You Run Away (Club Version)

Side B

Why Did You Run Away (Radio Mix)

domingo, 18 de diciembre de 2011

Nancy Martinez - For Tonight (1986)

Hola everybody! Today, just a week before Christmas I’m back sharing with you this record from 1986. In her first years singing she was known as Jade, but today we all remember her like Nancy Martinez. This is one of the most memorable Freestyle songs ever, but curiously, actually I don’t think this is Freestyle music, hehe. It sounds for me just like dance music from the 80’s with freestyle lyrics & voice edits.
Well, enjoy this Atlantic release from the record collection of my dad, haha, yep, this one is not mine. God bless you my friends. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas & Feliz Navidad.

A Side

For Tonight (Club Mix)

For Tonight (Radio Version)

B Side

For Tonight (Street Mix)

For Tonight (Central Park Mix)

viernes, 9 de diciembre de 2011

Free Style - The Party Has Begun (1984)

Hi my friends, today I’m back with this song from 1984, from the beginnings of Freestyle music, produced by Tony Butler & Sherman Neally (well, this is a re-issue as I know, but however). They were not called Freestyle yet, they were called Free Style.
This is not one of my favorite songs, but I wanted to share it with you. My favorite tunes of this team are the Debbie Deb & Trinere songs, but they had some good tunes performed by themselves too. If you didn’t know this song yet, let me tell you that if you like Don’t Stop The Rock, you will like this nice song too.
I hope you dance & party with this song. Have a wonderful weekend, God bless you my friends.

Side A

The Party Has Begun

Side B

The Party Has Begun (Instrumental)

domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Dino - Sunshine (1989)

Hello my friends, today I’m posting one of the first Freestyle records I had in my life. Can you see the label of the record? Well, the record sounds just like the label looks, haha.
I found this one on a flea market back in 1995. My dad bought this one for me, because he liked this kind of music back in late 80’s (I remember he bought for me also some 45’s of Sa-Fire, Sweet Sensation, Kon Kan, Paula Abdul, Rick Astley, etc. & I still have a few, hehe).
I know the quality of vinyl is very bad (I used to play it everyday when I was 7), but believe me, this record means so much for me, being one of my firsts.
Enjoy it my friends, of course next weekend I’ll post something new & with better sound quality.
God bless you, see you next week.

Side A

Sunshine (Edit)

Side B

Sunshine (Instrumental)

sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

A Girl Named Mitchell - Meltdown (1990)

A New Decade
A New Artist
A Girl Named Mitchell!
…This is what the promotional label of this rare record from 1990 says.
Hello my dear friends! A few weeks ago I found this record on a Fye store in El Paso on the section of used records.
I never herd about this record; I just saw a copy on eBay a long time ago.
I don’t know anything about this label; I don’t know who Mitchell is.
But, this record is very cool from beginning to end. The Unique Mix is the “new school” Freestyle version. The Hot Mix is like an “old school” version, it sounds like the beat of Show Me by the Cover Girls.
All the Zap Side (B Side I suppose) is House version & it comes together in one link because both 2 versions come together.
I know you will enjoy this record, it is really good. Well, see you next time my friends, have a wonderful week. God bless You.

Zip Side

Meltdown (The Unique Mix)

Meltdown (Hot Mix)

Zap Side

Meltdown (The Atomic Mix & Wicked Bonus Mix)

viernes, 18 de noviembre de 2011

Boys Of Darkness - Near Midnight (198?)

Hola people! I’m back with this weird release I found. It’s Near Midnight by the Boys of Darkness. It seems it was released back in 1988 or 1989, but it has no year. I didn’t find info about this record but I know it was very common & popular back in the day.
Today I started using 4Shared, hope it works better than ZShare for you.
I know you will like this electro-freestyle song in all the 4 versions. God bless you friends, see you next week.

Side A

Near Midnight (Club Mix)

Near Midnight (Radio Mix)

Side B

Near Midnight (Dub Mix)

Near Midnight (Bonus Mix)

viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

Wild Mary - No One Knows (1987)

Hello, I’m back with another awesome Freestyle tune, this time is for Wild Mary’s No One Knows from 1987. As I know, this song was originally released on Pantera Records, but it was named No One Knows Where She Goes by Mary’s Wild. Then it was released on Atlantic.
I really tried to upload the mp3’s in another share website but I didn’t know how to upload in others. But I’ll keep trying.
Enjoy this record. All the versions are really good, but of course Vocal Extended Mix is my favorite.
See you next week, God bless You.

A Side

No One Knows (Vocal Extended Mix)

No One Knows (Euro Mix)

B Side

No One Knows (Bonus Beats)

No One Knows (Dub Mix)

viernes, 28 de octubre de 2011

Robbie - Girl I Need You (198? - 199?)

Hello! Last week I told you that today I’ve been posting one of my favorite Freestyle songs ever. This one is #6 in my top.
The producers, editors, mixers & singer in this record knew exactly what I like haha. It is “Girl I Need You” performed by Robbie. I don’t know what year was this record released, but it seems to be between 1988 & 1990. If somebody knows the year, please share it with us.
The edits on Club Mix are just awesome, perfect, and really good for an independent recording. I hope you like this record.
See you next week, or next time haha, God Bless You my Friends!

Side A

Girl I Need You (Club Mix)

Girl I Need You (Radio Edit)

Side B

Girl I Need You (House Mix)

Girl I Need You (Acapella)

Girl I Need You (Bonus Dub Mix)

jueves, 20 de octubre de 2011

Stevie B - I Wanna Be The One (1988)

Hello, I’m back after 2 long weeks, I was very stressed & full of homework, but here I am. Today I have this 7’’ from Stevie B’s hit “I Wanna Be The One”.
Side A is the classic radio version of this song, my favorite version for some reason. Side B has the Extended Version of the song, but, there is a problem with it. The grooves on this side are very close to each other, to make this version of 7:00 minutes “fit” on this 7’’ record. As I know, it’s almost impossible to do it with a high tone recording, but they did it. The result: Very low recording sound & very high surface sound.
However, this song is really good. Like I use to say, I really hope you enjoy this record.
See you next week. Oh! I found a record I like so much & next time I will post it, hope you like it too. Which one? Hehehehe.
God Bless You!

A Side

I Wanna Be The One (Radio Mix)

B Side

I Wanna Be The One (Extended Mix)

viernes, 7 de octubre de 2011

Exposé - Exposed To Love (1985)

Hi my friends! Today I have for you one of the first Freestyle songs I heard in my life. When I was a little kid my father had the Exposé’s album “Exposure” on cassette, he used to listen to it every day in the house & in the car. I remember (I’m not sure) the cassette was red. Then, he lost his tape in early 90’s. But then I started to buy all the singles of Exposé on vinyl, including this one &, for a few songs that are not on singles, I bought the CD.
Hope you enjoy this record, next week I’ll post something new.

Side 1

Exposed To Love

Side 2

Exposed To Love (Dub Mix)

viernes, 30 de septiembre de 2011

Pat Marano - The More I Get (The More I Want) (1987)

Hello once again my dear friends! Today I am posting this record from 1987 performed by Pat Marano, who recorded just 2 known songs, the Hi-NRG single “Love Disco Style” & this Freestyle tune.
Both versions of this one are really good, radio version is not exactly an edited version of club mix, it has some differences.
Have a nice weekend, next week I’ll come back with a “new” release. God bless you my friends.

Side 1

The More I Get (The More I Want)

Side 2

The More I Get (The More I Want) (Club Mix)

viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Bonton - Crying From A Broken Heart (1988)

Hello my friends! Today I’m really happy because today started autumn (or fall, however haha). I’m that happy that I posted one record of my special collection. Also, this is my number 4 on my “Top 10: Favorite Freestyle Songs Ever”.
As I know (because I asked on youtube, personally to the husband of the girl who sings) they released only 1000 copies of this record, but they sold less than 900. But the fact with this record is not the rarity, the fact is that it is really really good, really strong, with nice vocals & edits. The producers, editors, programmers, mixers & singer were genius of music, & I still wonder why they didn’t released another record.
I don’t have a favorite version on this record because all 4 versions are really good.
Enjoy this record, play it on your car, your house, your work station, your parties, with your friends, wherever you go, because I posted it specially for you 
God bless you my friends, see you next week with another record.

Side A

Crying From A Broken Heart (Rox’s Club Mix)

Crying From A Broken Heart (Raed Dubs From A Broken Heart)

Side B

Crying From A Broken Heart (Radio Version)

Crying From A Broken Heart (Xander & Louis Mix)

jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Im-Mäge - I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (1987)

Hello! Hello!! Hello my Friends!!! Today I woke up really happy, thinking about this song. You know, in my “Top 10: Favorite Freestyle Songs Ever” this is my number 3 (then, when I get the records I’ll post all the other 9 songs). This songs is really lovely, beautiful & with an amazing sound. The lyrics are simply beautiful & the entire song is A+.
I don’t know who is Im-Mäge & I don’t know why she (or they) didn’t record another song. For me, they had a different concept, other kind of lyrics, other kind of style & rhythm.
I really don’t know why but I love to listen this song in my MP3 player on the way from school to home when the weather is cold. It brings me back good memories of my childhood back in early 90’s.
Hope you enjoy this song & please, if you can share with us the complete lyrics of this song I will be really thankful.
God Bless You friends. See you next week with another Freestyle release.

Side A

I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (Club Mix)

Side B

I'll Never Stop (Dubbing You)

I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (Radio Version)

viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Tonasia - Tears Of Tears (1991)

Hi! Hello my dear friends, today I have for you this MicMac release from 1991, it’s Tonasia’s Tears of Tears. You know, I bought this record sealed & the first time I played it was when I converted it to mp3, so, you are listening to a completely new record, without scratches, background noises or skips.
If you knew that my favorite version is Berrios Beats, you know me very well, haha. But this is not my favorite Tonasia’s single, my first favorite is Wondering & second Games Of Love, but I don’t find them yet.
Enjoy this song & all the bonus beats on side 2, God Bless You, see you next week with another release.

Side 1

Tears Of Tears (Club Version)

Tears Of Tears (Radio Version)

Side 2

Tears Of Tears (OS Dub Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Grendel Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Berrios Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Beats of the Saints)

viernes, 2 de septiembre de 2011

Kariya - Let Me Love You For Tonight (1988)

Once again, hello!! Now I have right here this 12’’ single with 2 different styles. This is Let Me Love You For Tonight by Kariya. It seems to be the first version of this song (because there are a lot of remixes of the 90’s & the 00’s). Side X includes 3 awesome Freestyle (Hip-Hop) versions. Side Y includes 2 house versions & an acapella that can be mixed with other songs & beats. You know, I don’t like house versions of Freestyle songs, but here I had to make an exception.
Well, the vinyl is not in perfect condition but, well, it sounds very good.
See you next week my friends  Have a wonderful weekend & God Bless You.

Side X

Let Me Love You For Tonight (Hip-Hop Club Version)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (Radical Hip-Hop Dub)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (Hip-Hop Radio Version)

Side Y

Let Me Love You For Tonight (House Club)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (Acapella)

Let Me Love You For Tonight (House Radio Version)

Debbie Deb - Lookout Weekend (1984)

Hello people, hello my friends!!! Today I have 2 records for you.
This one is a classic from the 80’s, Lookout Weekend by Debbie Deb, one of the most common Freestyle songs of all times.
Instrumental version is really nice & is more extended than vocal version.
I found this copy in very good condition on a flea market, almost 6 years ago. It was less than a dollar, I was lucky :)
Really hope you enjoy this record.

Side A

Lookout Weekend

Side B

Lookout Weekend (Inst.)

viernes, 26 de agosto de 2011

Infinity feat. Lizzie Perez - Not Gonna Be The One (1990)

It’s Friday, it means… FREESTYLE RECORD OF THE WEEK!!! Today once again I’m posting this classic but rare song from 1990. Don’t know who are Infinity, who’s Lizzie Perez or where they came from, but this song is really cool.
The Bonus Beats are just amazing; if you are a DJ you can mix them with anything. The Club Mix is really cool too, but, there is some noise of used vinyl, well, it’s the best copy I found.
I just can’t understand why Requestline Records produced only this record under the name Renaisance Records, well I don’t know but however, it’s one of my favorite records.
Have a nice weekend, I’ll be here next week posting a new record, God Bless You my friends.

Side A

Not Gonna Be The One (Satin Latin Club Mix)

Not Gonna Be The One (Power Radio Mix)

Side B

Not Gonna Be The One (La Casa Mix)

Not Gonna Be The One (Bonus Beats)

Not Gonna Be The One (Acapella)

viernes, 19 de agosto de 2011

Terry Parker - I Want Your Love (1989)

I’m back! Hello, welcome back to Freestyle Town with a new release, well I posted it 2 years ago but now it is uploaded with the magic of an USB Turntable hahaha. Today I wanna share with you I Want Your Love by Terry Parker from 1989. It is a nice song.
Hope you enjoy this record. Next week I’ll be back with a new release… do you want something rare or a Freestyle classic?
Have a nice weekend, God bless You :D

Side 1

I Want Your Love

Side 2

I Want Your Love (Club Mix)

I Want Your Love (Inst.)

viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

Jaime - Can't Stop The Love (1992)

Hello my friends, I’m back with a new record. It is a rare record released in 1992. This is the nearest Freestyle recording from the place I live (El Paso, TX). It was recorded & produced in Dallas... PURE TEXAN FREESTYLE!!!
This record has 4 songs, Can’t Stop The Love & Let’s Touch Bass are classic Freestyle rhythm, first one is so latin, second is more electronic. Rock Your Body is more like clave rhythm. So Close is a nice slow-jam.
Side 2 has all the songs in instrumental versions, but, with different intros, & first 2 are remixed.
Enjoy this record, dance to it & tell me if you like it. Have a wonderful week. God Bless You my dear friends.

Side 1

Can’t Stop The Love
Let's Touch Bass

Rock Your Body

So Close

Side 2

Rock Your Body (Instrumental Trax)
Can't Stop The Love (Instrumental Trax)

So Close (Instrumental Trax)

Let’s Touch Bass (Instrumental Trax)

viernes, 29 de julio de 2011

The Cover Girls - Promise Me b/w One Night Affair (1988)

Hello EVERYBODY! Sorry for the time, but I had to take some vacations to go & visit my friends. But now I’m back with this release from 1988. Today I have 2 classics from the 80’s, a classic Freestyle song & one of the most beautiful slow-jams ever for me.
This is Promise Me by The Cover Girls with One Night Affair, produced by Lewis A. Martinee (& if you listen carefully to it, it sounds like an Exposé’s song).
The scan is Side B, for some reason on both sides it reads 1987, but the sleeve reads 1988. Sorry for the bad quality of the picture I took to the cover of the record, also you can see me, but it was my best, hahaha.
Have a wonderful weekend, & week, & next time I’ll see you right here. God Bless You.

Side 1

Promise Me

Side 2

One Night Affair

viernes, 24 de junio de 2011

Cindy Rae - You're My Devotion (1988)

Hi once again my friends, today I have for you this record I posted almost 3 years ago, but now with the magic of ION Profile Turntable hahaha.
This is You’re My Devotion performed by Cindy Rae back in 1988, this was produced & edited by Chep Nuñez.
All the 3 versions of this song are really cool, also Dub version. I don’t like dub versions of most of the songs but this one is really good.
Enjoy all the versions of this danceable song, next week I’ll come back with a new record for you, keep following our blog & share it with your friends.
Have a nice day, God Bless You.

Side A

You're My Devotion (Radio Version)

You're My Devotion (Radio Club Mix)

Side B

You're My Devotion (Dub Mix)

jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

TKA - Maria (1992)

Hello my dear friends & bloggers! Today I’m back with this record from 1992 from another classic amazing Freestyle group, TKA!!! This is Maria single, this is one of the best 12 singles of this group, but not because of Maria tracks (at least not for me), it is because of the Tears May Fall remix with a new refreshing different version, beats, voices, & edits. I really hope you like this record (despite it sounds dirty & scratchy in some parts) & all the songs. The A Capella version of Maria can be mixed & remixed with any song. If you are a DJ & you make a remix using any song with this A Capella, send it to me please & I’ll post it on the blog promoting your music, website, or blog.
Have a wonderful day & a wonderful weekend, God Bless You.
See you next week my friends.


Maria (12’’ Vocal)

Maria (Radio Edit)


Maria (A Capella)

Tears May Fall (1992 Remix)

viernes, 10 de junio de 2011

Herbie Hancock - Rockit (1983)

I’m back… hello friends, today I have for you this classic break-beat, freestyle tune from 1983, Rockit! But here, I have a special edition; it is the Mexican 12’’ single, released by discos CBS (then Sony Music). This is a limited red vinyl record “for collectors only”.
It includes the same extended version from the original release, nothing changes but the format.
Hope you enjoy this record, have a wonderful weekend, God Bless You.

Lado A

Rockit (Versión Larga)

Lado B

Autodrive (Versión Larga)

jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

London Exchange - Lost Without Your Touch (1989)

Hi my dear friends, welcome back. Today I’m posting this amazing Freestyle song, one of my favorites from one of those different concept Freestyle artists, London Exchange.They were most know for their song Memories Of You (that will be posted here someday). For me, they have a similar style than Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode & Information Society.
All versions are excellent, the Club Mix (B-2) is my favorite because it has more Freestyle beat than the other versions. Could somebody tell me if the part from minute 5:18 to 5:36 on this version came from a videogame? I’m almost sure it is but maybe is not.
The last 2 dub versions come in one link because they come together on the record.
Enjoy it my friends, have a wonderful weekend & tell me if you like this record.
God Bless You Friends


Lost Without Your Touch (Extended Radio)

Lost Without Your Touch (Edited Radio)


Lost Without Your Touch (Club Mix)

Lost Without Your Touch (London Semi House Dub & Phil's Lost Bonus Beats)

lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Alta Dustin - One Man Woman (1989)

Hello people!!!!! Hello Friends!!!!! Hello Freestyle Fanatics!!!!!
I’m back after a long time working on my professional thesis about Psychological Problems on young adults.
It took so much time but now I’m back with you, with an A for my thesis being one of the bests & most complete works in the class.
Today I’m posting another hot classic Freestyle song; it is Alta Dustin’s One Man Woman. Some people I know think she is the same girl than Nancy Martinez, because of her voice & her style.
Each & every version is cool, but of course, my favorite is Clam Mix (Club Mix).
Enjoy it my friends, dance to it & share it with your people on parties, in the office or in the car, haha, that’s what I use to do.
Have a wonderful week; hope to come back next Friday.
God bless you Friends.
Side A

One Man Woman (Clam Mix)

One Man Woman (Remix)

Side B

One Man Woman (Clam Dub)

One Man Woman (Clam Edit)

viernes, 22 de abril de 2011

Tagg - Party Rock b/w Planet Voice (1989)

Hello, welcome back to your FreestyleTown. First of all, I want to say SORRY to my followers because last week I didn’t post record. But now I’m back.
I can’t believe it, I can’t find yet So Tell Me, Tell Me by Shavonne, but I can find another rare WHITE LABEL M-Pire record, haha, this one. Here I’m uploading this half-house, half-freestyle record. Side A is a nice song with both rhythms in each song. Side B is just house music. This seems to be a parody, a response or a copy of Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa, because the first song is Party ROCK & the second is PLANET Voice. Have a wonderful weekend my friends, see you next time, God Bless You.

This Side

Party Rock (Radio Mix) 

That Side
Planet Voice (Club Mix)

Planet Voice (Acid Mix) 

viernes, 8 de abril de 2011

Stevie B - Pump That Body (1992)

Hello ladies, gentlemen, kids & friends :D Today I’m back with this classic from 1992, if you notice, there is something different of the US Epic version & this one. This is the radio promo of Pump That Body released in Mexico for radio broadcast back in 1992. It has a notorious difference, it doesn’t include the mixes & remixes of the 12’’ single, it is just a record with the same song (Radio Version I think) on both sides. I hope you like it my friends, see you next week with a new record. God Bless You.

Pump That Body

Pump That Body

viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Shari - Stop If You Want My Lovin' (1987)

Hello my friends, after two weeks without posting, because of homework, here I am back again. Today I have for you this special record my best friend gave me some Christmas ago. He knows how much I like Freestyle music & how much I like rare variations of records (specially picture discs), so he found this one for me.
It’s Stop If You Want My Lovin’ performed by Shari back in 1987. I didn’t know Sizzle records released picture discs; in that case, this is the only Freestyle label I know who made these rarities (I wish Easier Said than Done by Vanilla Mix had a picture disc too).

All the versions on the record sound almost the same, but they are really good. Also, the record looks really nice & entertaining while it’s spinning in the turntable (I couldn’t stop watching it when I was converting it to MP3, haha).

Enjoy it my friends, remember, if I don’t have homework, I’ll post a new release next Friday. See you friends, God Bless You!!


Stop If You Want My Lovin' (Club Mix)

Stop If You Want My Lovin' (Miami Street Mix)


Stop If You Want My Lovin' (L.A. Mix)

Stop If You Want My Lovin' (Dub Mix)

jueves, 17 de marzo de 2011

Diva - I Wanna Break Night With You (1987)

Hi people! Hi friends! Tonight I have for you (for 2nd time) this release of my favorite Freestyle label… PKO RECORDS!!! This one is I Wanna Break Night With You by Diva from 1987, like I said before, I always though the first girl on the cover was Caroline Jackson from the Cover Girls, she looks a lot like her, Then I red all the credits & there is not her name, hehe.
Well my friends, I really hope you like this record, it has some good edits of the Latin Rascals, beautiful voices & an amazing beat.
See you friends, God Bless You, see you next week.
I Wanna Break Night With You (Club Vocal)
I Wanna Break Night With You (Bonus Beats)
I Wanna Break Night With You (Radio Edit)
I Wanna Break Night With You (Dub Mix)

domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Trinere - All Night (Remix) (1985)

Hello friends, today I have for you this classic song of our dear Trinere, it’s All Night From 1985. This is another variation of this record, most of the copies have a picture sleeve with beautiful Trinere on both sides, & this one just has the generic purple sleeve of Jam Packed / Music Specialists.
The most common record label for this single is the orange label, this one is the purple label released before, & it just reads “recorded, engineered, mixed and…” a total mystery, haha “Pretty” Tony.
Also, something unusual (I don’t know if all the copies are like this). This record has the same version on both side, the Remix on both sides is exactly the same recording. Well, it also includes the Instrumental version.
See you next weekend friends, God Bless You.
Side A
All Night (Remix)
Side B
All Night (Remix)
All Night (Instrumental)

viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Girl Talk - Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (1988)

Hello friends, it’s Friday here in my town, it’s time for another Freestyle release. Today I have Dance With Me by Girl Talk, another of my favorites!! I’m not sure but it seems to be from 1988. It has 4 versions, but my favorites are on Side A, Radio & Radio Edited.
If you heard before this song, dance with it & listen to it once again, but if you don’t listen to it yet, I know you will like it J

Have a wonderful weekend & a gorgeous week, God Bless You friends.

Side A

Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Radio Version)

Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Radio Edited Version)

Side B

Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Club Mix)

Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Dub Version)

jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Deco At Heart - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (1987)

Hi again friends :D once again I'm back. Now with this record from 1987 recorded by Deco At Heart, as I know, but I'm not sure, they are Nice & Wild (Diamond Girl) but without John Minnis & with a new female singer. This song is really good, is one of those songs that make me feel happy.
It has just 2 versions, but they are really good, they are so electronic, so latin, so cool.
OK, see you next weekend my friends, thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'll be posting more Freestyle MP3's for you. God Bless You.

Side 1

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

Side 2

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Single Version)

Nea - You've Gone Away (1990)

Hello to all my dear friends, hello to all the Freestyle lovers here, welcome back to your place for Freestyle vinyls.
Tomorrow I'll be really bussy, so tonight is the night for sharing this record with you. This is You've Gone Away by Nea, another of my favorite Freestyle tunes. I don't know if she recorded another song or if she is still recording. The few thing I know about this record are because I red 'em on the label hahaha.
This vinyl has awesome edits, a powerfull beat & an amazing voice, just perfect.
I know you will love this record. Wait, I'll post a new one today.

Side 1

You've Gone Away (Free Style Club)

You've Gone Away (Free Style Radio)

You've Gone Away (Dub)

Side 2

You've Gone Away (House)

You've Gone Away (House Radio)

lunes, 21 de febrero de 2011

Madi - Can You Feel My Love For You (1987)

Hello friends, last weekend I didn't post new release because I had too much homework, but now that I finished it, here I am.
Today I'm uploading this record released back in 1987, it was the first 12'' single I posted here on FreestyleTown, back in summer 2008.
This song was produced by one of my favorite 80's music producer, Lewis A. Martineé, same producer of Exposé's albums & songs. That's the reason why the intro of the Extended Mix of this record, sounds a lot like the intro of Point Of No Return by Exposé.
Hope you like this release, see you next weekend, well, if homework doesn't take all my time again :D God Bless You.

Side A
Can You Feel My Love For You (Radio Mix)
Can You Feel My Love For You (Dub Mix)
Side B
Can You Feel My Love For You (Extended Mix)

domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Glenn Street - Hardline (1988)

Hello my dear friends!! Today I have for you this 1988 record released by On The Spot Records. You know, I always knew On The Spot Records because of there Hi-NRG, italo, dance music (when my dad was a DJ, he had Stacey Q's Two Of Hearts from 1985 released on this label). But then, searching for more info about this label, I found there was more than that. This label has some of my favorite Freestyle tunes, those are Sue Gatlin's Two Of Hearts, Show Me Girl by Facadz, 3 American Mexican's Sweet Sensation (all listened on cassette tapes or mp3, but someday gonna get 'em on vinyl, yeah!), & this one, the most common of there Freestyle tunes.
Enjoy it my friends, the half speed version is... really interesting, hahaha, I mean, it can be mixed with anything (I wish it had a complete vocal half speed version), & of course the 12'' dance mix is awesome.
Have a gorgeous week my friends, God Bless You.

Side 1

Hardline (12'' Dance Mix)

Hardline (Half Speed Version)

Side 2

Hardline (7'' Radio Mix)

Hardline (Bonus Beat Acapella)

martes, 8 de febrero de 2011

Connie - Funky Little Beat (1985)

Hello friends, I'm back, after the storm that shocked my town. Today I wanna share with you this mega classic tune from 1985, one of the best & famous songs by Amos Larkins.
This song came out in 1985 being the first song that Connie recorded, after that, she recorded a few songs more (my favorite is Tonights The Night). Then, 11 years after. in 1996, Debbie Deb recorder her own version for Funky Little Beat, that is as good as the original.
OK, have a wonderfull week, I'll be back next weekend with a new tune, thanks for your votes, your visits, for your c-box comments & coments on posts.
See you friends, God Bless You

Side A

Funky Little Beat

Side B

Funky Little Beat (Instrumental)

Funky Little Beat (Edited Version)

viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Coryne Elyse - A Little Bit Of Luv (1990)

Hello once again my friends, I'm back! This weekend with this record of my third favorite Freestyle label, Onna Roll!!! (second favorite is Southway Records, & first one will always be PKO). This one was released back in 1990, a good year for Freestyle music.
I don't like so much house versions of Freestyle tunes, but this "little bit of house mix" is so cool, is more hip-hop than house & for some reason the beginning reminds me those old videogames I used to play in early 90's, haha.
Enjoy it my friends, hope to come back soon, or maybe next week. God Bless You :)
Side A
A Little Bit Of Luv (7’’ Radio Mix)
A Little Bit Of Luv (12’’ Dance Mix)
Side B
A Little Bit Of Luv (7’’ Pop Mix)
A Little Bit Of Luv (Little Bit Of House Mix)
A Little Bit Of Luv (Acapella)

viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Giggles - Love Letter (1987)

Hi friends, I’m back. Now I have for you this classic song originally released by Cutting Records, but here is the Cutting / Atlantic Records version. It was released in 1987 with the lead vocals of Maria Respeto, the first Giggles (don’t know how manny girls were Giggles).
I really love this record, I usually don’t like Dubs of Freestyle songs, but the Dubs on this record are really good. Dub I should be called “So I write this letter”, & Dub II “How love can be”.
Well, if you visited FreestyleTown 2 years ago, you may remember I posted this record. The difference between the first post & this one is, the last version (Love Dub II) was endless. It means, starting at minute 3:20 the needle goes to the run-out groove while it keeps saying “How love can be” on different speeds (a little creepy) & at the end of the record it keeps sayin’ it on normal speed the times you want to hear it. Now, this new turntable has an automatic tonearm & it goes up almost at the end, so you can’t listen the last seconds of recording. Well, if you still have the first version I posted it could be great if you send it to us on the C-Box to listen the complete song.
Have a wonderfull week my friends, see ya.
A Side
Love Letter (Club Version)
Love Letter (Radio Edit)
B Side
Love Letter (Love Dub I)
Love Letter (Love Dub II)

Will To Power - Say It's Gonna Rain (1988)

Hello everybody! Today I have right here this 1988 single from Epic Records, it’s Say It’s Gonna Rain by Will To Power. The song is OK, but the female vocals really rock. I love the chorus saying "You say it's gonna rain, & no one gonna go out tonight", it reminds me those good rainy days with my love staying at home, haha.
I’m not sure about who’s the singer, I always thought it was Suzi Carr, but I’m not sure. If you have some info please tell us J.
The second picture you see is the promotional stamp on the sleeve of the record.
Well, see you soon my friends, I’ll try to post something more this week, a classic I posted before. Bye.
Side 1
Say It's Gonna Rain (Extended Mix)
Side 2
Say It's Gonna Rain (Instrumental Mix & 808 Capella)