viernes, 28 de enero de 2011

Coryne Elyse - A Little Bit Of Luv (1990)

Hello once again my friends, I'm back! This weekend with this record of my third favorite Freestyle label, Onna Roll!!! (second favorite is Southway Records, & first one will always be PKO). This one was released back in 1990, a good year for Freestyle music.
I don't like so much house versions of Freestyle tunes, but this "little bit of house mix" is so cool, is more hip-hop than house & for some reason the beginning reminds me those old videogames I used to play in early 90's, haha.
Enjoy it my friends, hope to come back soon, or maybe next week. God Bless You :)
Side A
A Little Bit Of Luv (7’’ Radio Mix)
A Little Bit Of Luv (12’’ Dance Mix)
Side B
A Little Bit Of Luv (7’’ Pop Mix)
A Little Bit Of Luv (Little Bit Of House Mix)
A Little Bit Of Luv (Acapella)

viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Giggles - Love Letter (1987)

Hi friends, I’m back. Now I have for you this classic song originally released by Cutting Records, but here is the Cutting / Atlantic Records version. It was released in 1987 with the lead vocals of Maria Respeto, the first Giggles (don’t know how manny girls were Giggles).
I really love this record, I usually don’t like Dubs of Freestyle songs, but the Dubs on this record are really good. Dub I should be called “So I write this letter”, & Dub II “How love can be”.
Well, if you visited FreestyleTown 2 years ago, you may remember I posted this record. The difference between the first post & this one is, the last version (Love Dub II) was endless. It means, starting at minute 3:20 the needle goes to the run-out groove while it keeps saying “How love can be” on different speeds (a little creepy) & at the end of the record it keeps sayin’ it on normal speed the times you want to hear it. Now, this new turntable has an automatic tonearm & it goes up almost at the end, so you can’t listen the last seconds of recording. Well, if you still have the first version I posted it could be great if you send it to us on the C-Box to listen the complete song.
Have a wonderfull week my friends, see ya.
A Side
Love Letter (Club Version)
Love Letter (Radio Edit)
B Side
Love Letter (Love Dub I)
Love Letter (Love Dub II)

Will To Power - Say It's Gonna Rain (1988)

Hello everybody! Today I have right here this 1988 single from Epic Records, it’s Say It’s Gonna Rain by Will To Power. The song is OK, but the female vocals really rock. I love the chorus saying "You say it's gonna rain, & no one gonna go out tonight", it reminds me those good rainy days with my love staying at home, haha.
I’m not sure about who’s the singer, I always thought it was Suzi Carr, but I’m not sure. If you have some info please tell us J.
The second picture you see is the promotional stamp on the sleeve of the record.
Well, see you soon my friends, I’ll try to post something more this week, a classic I posted before. Bye.
Side 1
Say It's Gonna Rain (Extended Mix)
Side 2
Say It's Gonna Rain (Instrumental Mix & 808 Capella)

martes, 18 de enero de 2011

Afrika Bambaataa - Planet Rock (1982)

Hello, I know it’s not weekend yet, but I wanna share this record with you. It’s Planet Rock by Afrika Bambaataa, Soul Sonic Force, & Planet Patrol. I have two questions about this song: is this the first Freestytle song ever? How many songs have been mixed with the backround beats of this song?
OK, I hope you enjoy it. This weekend I’ll come back with something new that I know you will like.
Greetings to all my visitors & friends around the world. God bless you all.
Side 1
Planet Rock (Vocal & Bonus Beats)
Side 2
Planet Rock (Instrumental)
Also, here are 2 links with the videos of this song:

viernes, 7 de enero de 2011

Wendi Rogers - C'Mon Lover (1989)

Hello everybody & HAPPY 2011!! Today I uploaded this record I like so much. It is C’Mon Lover by Wendi Rogers, it has no year but it seems to be from 1989. Also it seems to be the last Midnight Sun record. This label is not one of my favorites but well, they had some good beats.
See you next weekend friends, I’ll be here sharing more of my records for you J God Bless You.
Side A
C’Mon Lover (Club Mix)
Side B
C’Mon Lover (Radio Mix)
C'Mon Lover (Dub Mix)