domingo, 29 de agosto de 2010

Gloria Russell - Frenchy Baby (1988)

HELLO MY FRIENDS!!! After a year without posts I’m back like I promised you.
In all this time I’ve found some vinyls I wanna share with you, but for now I wanna start with this one. This is really special for me. I really don’t know who’s Gloria Russell, but I have to say she had an amazing tune, this one. It’s Frenchy Baby from 1988.
It was released by Flamingo Kid Records, a rare label that just had (as I know) this tune & First Luv by a group called One Step.
I really really hope you enjoy this record. The track you have to listen is La Frenchy, a short but amazing club version of this song.
Hope to see you next week my friends, I’ll post a new one or maybe re-post one I posted before. Don’t forget to comment please. God bless you.

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