viernes, 12 de agosto de 2011

Jaime - Can't Stop The Love (1992)

Hello my friends, I’m back with a new record. It is a rare record released in 1992. This is the nearest Freestyle recording from the place I live (El Paso, TX). It was recorded & produced in Dallas... PURE TEXAN FREESTYLE!!!
This record has 4 songs, Can’t Stop The Love & Let’s Touch Bass are classic Freestyle rhythm, first one is so latin, second is more electronic. Rock Your Body is more like clave rhythm. So Close is a nice slow-jam.
Side 2 has all the songs in instrumental versions, but, with different intros, & first 2 are remixed.
Enjoy this record, dance to it & tell me if you like it. Have a wonderful week. God Bless You my dear friends.

Side 1

Can’t Stop The Love
Let's Touch Bass

Rock Your Body

So Close

Side 2

Rock Your Body (Instrumental Trax)
Can't Stop The Love (Instrumental Trax)

So Close (Instrumental Trax)

Let’s Touch Bass (Instrumental Trax)

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Jem12 dijo...

Good to see you back. Thank you as always!