viernes, 17 de febrero de 2012

Cynthia - Thief Of Hearts (1989)

Hello my Freestyle friends. Today I want to share with you this track from 1989. It’s Cynthia’s Thief Of Hearts. This is one of my favorite MicMac productions because of it’s different versions.
Curiously, the Power Mix seems to use the same percussion programming of Find Another Puppet by Class, isn’t it? Also, Class record was the next release of MicMac after Thief Of Hearts.
Well, all side 1 is made for Freestyle lovers, but if you like house music, listen to side 2, you will like it.
I tried to upload the songs in WinRAR & Zip folders but I didn’t know how. It seems I have to keep trying, haha.
See you next week my friends, God bless you.

Side 1

Thief Of Hearts (Freestyle Mix)

Thief Of Hearts (Power Mix)

Thief Of Hearts (Hot Radio Mix)

Side 2

Thief Of Hearts (Condo Mix)

Thief Of Hearts (Co-Op Mix)

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