jueves, 5 de abril de 2012

Bit Fancy - What I Want (1988)

Hi my friends. Did you see this record before? I never saw this one, but a long time ago I found it on a record store on the web. Because of the price (less than 5 bucks) I thought it was a common record, but when I tried to find info, I understood the seller didn’t know about the rarity of the record.
This is What I Want by Bit Fancy from 1988. You may know the singer of this track. She is the vocalist of Black Pearl, the group who recorded just a year before Don’t Turn Away (or at least that’s what they say on youtube).
All the tracks on this vinyl are simply amazing, really cool & the edits are just perfect.
Well, hope you enjoy this record, have a nice week. God bless you.


What I Want (Club Mix)


What I Want (Radio)

What I Want (Dub Version)

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