viernes, 17 de septiembre de 2010

Angel Starling - Take Me I'm Yours (1987)

Hello friends, tonight I'm posting this obscure rare record from 1987.
It is Take Me I'm Yours by Angel Starling. I really don't know who is she but her song (that seems to be the only one she recorded) is really good.
Vocal version is so good, but Dub is not too much, is just the same instrumental track of Vocal but with edited & cut vocals.
I hope you enjoy this creepy (well, I think it is) & obscure song.

Side A

Take Me I'm Yours (Vocal)

Side B

Take Me I'm Yours (Dub)

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Barricade dijo...

Thanks Again Juako, Nice very nice rip of this rare record! Greetings Dude..