viernes, 17 de diciembre de 2010

Daydream - Wait and See (1990)

Hello everybody, this cold night I'm posting for you this single I found last year in a garage sale in El Paso. When I saw it in front of my eyes I didn't believe it.
This record was released in 1990, by MKG Records, a Michael Kidd Gomez label. This song, for me sounds a lot like Tear Shed, produced by MKG just 2 years before this record.
All the record is so good, but the edits on Club at minute 3:40 really really rock!
If you're a Freestyle fan & you didn't hear this song before, I know you will love it :)
Have a happy weekend my friends, I'll try to come back 1 or 2 times before Christmas. God Bless You.

Side A

Wait and See (Extended Club Version)

Wait and See (Radio Version)

Side B

Wait and See (House Version)

Wait and See (Dub Version)

Wait and See (Bonus Beats)

2 comentarios:

Alex dijo...

Hello, You have a great blog! I can't seem to download this 12" zshare works very bad for me, Is there a possibility You could upload it on mediafire, megaupload or something else. Once again thanks for the great music!

Juako L dijo...

Hi Alex, all the Daydream links are restored... hope you can download them now :)