viernes, 21 de enero de 2011

Giggles - Love Letter (1987)

Hi friends, I’m back. Now I have for you this classic song originally released by Cutting Records, but here is the Cutting / Atlantic Records version. It was released in 1987 with the lead vocals of Maria Respeto, the first Giggles (don’t know how manny girls were Giggles).
I really love this record, I usually don’t like Dubs of Freestyle songs, but the Dubs on this record are really good. Dub I should be called “So I write this letter”, & Dub II “How love can be”.
Well, if you visited FreestyleTown 2 years ago, you may remember I posted this record. The difference between the first post & this one is, the last version (Love Dub II) was endless. It means, starting at minute 3:20 the needle goes to the run-out groove while it keeps saying “How love can be” on different speeds (a little creepy) & at the end of the record it keeps sayin’ it on normal speed the times you want to hear it. Now, this new turntable has an automatic tonearm & it goes up almost at the end, so you can’t listen the last seconds of recording. Well, if you still have the first version I posted it could be great if you send it to us on the C-Box to listen the complete song.
Have a wonderfull week my friends, see ya.
A Side
Love Letter (Club Version)
Love Letter (Radio Edit)
B Side
Love Letter (Love Dub I)
Love Letter (Love Dub II)

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