domingo, 13 de febrero de 2011

Glenn Street - Hardline (1988)

Hello my dear friends!! Today I have for you this 1988 record released by On The Spot Records. You know, I always knew On The Spot Records because of there Hi-NRG, italo, dance music (when my dad was a DJ, he had Stacey Q's Two Of Hearts from 1985 released on this label). But then, searching for more info about this label, I found there was more than that. This label has some of my favorite Freestyle tunes, those are Sue Gatlin's Two Of Hearts, Show Me Girl by Facadz, 3 American Mexican's Sweet Sensation (all listened on cassette tapes or mp3, but someday gonna get 'em on vinyl, yeah!), & this one, the most common of there Freestyle tunes.
Enjoy it my friends, the half speed version is... really interesting, hahaha, I mean, it can be mixed with anything (I wish it had a complete vocal half speed version), & of course the 12'' dance mix is awesome.
Have a gorgeous week my friends, God Bless You.

Side 1

Hardline (12'' Dance Mix)

Hardline (Half Speed Version)

Side 2

Hardline (7'' Radio Mix)

Hardline (Bonus Beat Acapella)

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