jueves, 24 de febrero de 2011

Deco At Heart - I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (1987)

Hi again friends :D once again I'm back. Now with this record from 1987 recorded by Deco At Heart, as I know, but I'm not sure, they are Nice & Wild (Diamond Girl) but without John Minnis & with a new female singer. This song is really good, is one of those songs that make me feel happy.
It has just 2 versions, but they are really good, they are so electronic, so latin, so cool.
OK, see you next weekend my friends, thank you so much for visiting my blog, I'll be posting more Freestyle MP3's for you. God Bless You.

Side 1

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me

Side 2

I'm Gonna Make You Love Me (Single Version)

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fuentesandgianna dijo...

Thank you, I produced the song.. Al Fuentes