viernes, 1 de abril de 2011

Shari - Stop If You Want My Lovin' (1987)

Hello my friends, after two weeks without posting, because of homework, here I am back again. Today I have for you this special record my best friend gave me some Christmas ago. He knows how much I like Freestyle music & how much I like rare variations of records (specially picture discs), so he found this one for me.
It’s Stop If You Want My Lovin’ performed by Shari back in 1987. I didn’t know Sizzle records released picture discs; in that case, this is the only Freestyle label I know who made these rarities (I wish Easier Said than Done by Vanilla Mix had a picture disc too).

All the versions on the record sound almost the same, but they are really good. Also, the record looks really nice & entertaining while it’s spinning in the turntable (I couldn’t stop watching it when I was converting it to MP3, haha).

Enjoy it my friends, remember, if I don’t have homework, I’ll post a new release next Friday. See you friends, God Bless You!!


Stop If You Want My Lovin' (Club Mix)

Stop If You Want My Lovin' (Miami Street Mix)


Stop If You Want My Lovin' (L.A. Mix)

Stop If You Want My Lovin' (Dub Mix)

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Jem12 dijo...

Having trouble downloading track 3 (L.A. Mix).

Thanks as always.

Jem12 dijo...

It's okay now. Thanks