lunes, 30 de mayo de 2011

Alta Dustin - One Man Woman (1989)

Hello people!!!!! Hello Friends!!!!! Hello Freestyle Fanatics!!!!!
I’m back after a long time working on my professional thesis about Psychological Problems on young adults.
It took so much time but now I’m back with you, with an A for my thesis being one of the bests & most complete works in the class.
Today I’m posting another hot classic Freestyle song; it is Alta Dustin’s One Man Woman. Some people I know think she is the same girl than Nancy Martinez, because of her voice & her style.
Each & every version is cool, but of course, my favorite is Clam Mix (Club Mix).
Enjoy it my friends, dance to it & share it with your people on parties, in the office or in the car, haha, that’s what I use to do.
Have a wonderful week; hope to come back next Friday.
God bless you Friends.
Side A

One Man Woman (Clam Mix)

One Man Woman (Remix)

Side B

One Man Woman (Clam Dub)

One Man Woman (Clam Edit)

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