jueves, 2 de junio de 2011

London Exchange - Lost Without Your Touch (1989)

Hi my dear friends, welcome back. Today I’m posting this amazing Freestyle song, one of my favorites from one of those different concept Freestyle artists, London Exchange.They were most know for their song Memories Of You (that will be posted here someday). For me, they have a similar style than Pet Shop Boys, Depeche Mode & Information Society.
All versions are excellent, the Club Mix (B-2) is my favorite because it has more Freestyle beat than the other versions. Could somebody tell me if the part from minute 5:18 to 5:36 on this version came from a videogame? I’m almost sure it is but maybe is not.
The last 2 dub versions come in one link because they come together on the record.
Enjoy it my friends, have a wonderful weekend & tell me if you like this record.
God Bless You Friends


Lost Without Your Touch (Extended Radio)

Lost Without Your Touch (Edited Radio)


Lost Without Your Touch (Club Mix)

Lost Without Your Touch (London Semi House Dub & Phil's Lost Bonus Beats)

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