jueves, 16 de junio de 2011

TKA - Maria (1992)

Hello my dear friends & bloggers! Today I’m back with this record from 1992 from another classic amazing Freestyle group, TKA!!! This is Maria single, this is one of the best 12 singles of this group, but not because of Maria tracks (at least not for me), it is because of the Tears May Fall remix with a new refreshing different version, beats, voices, & edits. I really hope you like this record (despite it sounds dirty & scratchy in some parts) & all the songs. The A Capella version of Maria can be mixed & remixed with any song. If you are a DJ & you make a remix using any song with this A Capella, send it to me please & I’ll post it on the blog promoting your music, website, or blog.
Have a wonderful day & a wonderful weekend, God Bless You.
See you next week my friends.


Maria (12’’ Vocal)

Maria (Radio Edit)


Maria (A Capella)

Tears May Fall (1992 Remix)

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