viernes, 11 de noviembre de 2011

Wild Mary - No One Knows (1987)

Hello, I’m back with another awesome Freestyle tune, this time is for Wild Mary’s No One Knows from 1987. As I know, this song was originally released on Pantera Records, but it was named No One Knows Where She Goes by Mary’s Wild. Then it was released on Atlantic.
I really tried to upload the mp3’s in another share website but I didn’t know how to upload in others. But I’ll keep trying.
Enjoy this record. All the versions are really good, but of course Vocal Extended Mix is my favorite.
See you next week, God bless You.

A Side

No One Knows (Vocal Extended Mix)

No One Knows (Euro Mix)

B Side

No One Knows (Bonus Beats)

No One Knows (Dub Mix)

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Angelito-theb-boy dijo...

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Juako L dijo...

thank you so much Angelito, I'll try to use it :)