sábado, 26 de noviembre de 2011

A Girl Named Mitchell - Meltdown (1990)

A New Decade
A New Artist
A Girl Named Mitchell!
…This is what the promotional label of this rare record from 1990 says.
Hello my dear friends! A few weeks ago I found this record on a Fye store in El Paso on the section of used records.
I never herd about this record; I just saw a copy on eBay a long time ago.
I don’t know anything about this label; I don’t know who Mitchell is.
But, this record is very cool from beginning to end. The Unique Mix is the “new school” Freestyle version. The Hot Mix is like an “old school” version, it sounds like the beat of Show Me by the Cover Girls.
All the Zap Side (B Side I suppose) is House version & it comes together in one link because both 2 versions come together.
I know you will enjoy this record, it is really good. Well, see you next time my friends, have a wonderful week. God bless You.

Zip Side

Meltdown (The Unique Mix)

Meltdown (Hot Mix)

Zap Side

Meltdown (The Atomic Mix & Wicked Bonus Mix)

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Angelito-theb-boy dijo...

Hello there my freesyle friend...I want to congratulate you for the support that you do with your blog, I found some cool sites about freestyle but your blog is pretty-different cause you are posting such a rarities and I appreciate your work I hope you keep this way
So long bro!