viernes, 4 de marzo de 2011

Girl Talk - Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (1988)

Hello friends, it’s Friday here in my town, it’s time for another Freestyle release. Today I have Dance With Me by Girl Talk, another of my favorites!! I’m not sure but it seems to be from 1988. It has 4 versions, but my favorites are on Side A, Radio & Radio Edited.
If you heard before this song, dance with it & listen to it once again, but if you don’t listen to it yet, I know you will like it J

Have a wonderful weekend & a gorgeous week, God Bless You friends.

Side A

Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Radio Version)

Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Radio Edited Version)

Side B

Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Club Mix)

Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Dub Version)

2 comentarios:

Jem12 dijo...

I'm having problems downloading track 1 - Dance With Me (Baila Baila) (Radio Version).

Jem12 dijo...

It's okay now. Thanks.