domingo, 13 de marzo de 2011

Trinere - All Night (Remix) (1985)

Hello friends, today I have for you this classic song of our dear Trinere, it’s All Night From 1985. This is another variation of this record, most of the copies have a picture sleeve with beautiful Trinere on both sides, & this one just has the generic purple sleeve of Jam Packed / Music Specialists.
The most common record label for this single is the orange label, this one is the purple label released before, & it just reads “recorded, engineered, mixed and…” a total mystery, haha “Pretty” Tony.
Also, something unusual (I don’t know if all the copies are like this). This record has the same version on both side, the Remix on both sides is exactly the same recording. Well, it also includes the Instrumental version.
See you next weekend friends, God Bless You.
Side A
All Night (Remix)
Side B
All Night (Remix)
All Night (Instrumental)

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