jueves, 15 de septiembre de 2011

Im-Mäge - I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (1987)

Hello! Hello!! Hello my Friends!!! Today I woke up really happy, thinking about this song. You know, in my “Top 10: Favorite Freestyle Songs Ever” this is my number 3 (then, when I get the records I’ll post all the other 9 songs). This songs is really lovely, beautiful & with an amazing sound. The lyrics are simply beautiful & the entire song is A+.
I don’t know who is Im-Mäge & I don’t know why she (or they) didn’t record another song. For me, they had a different concept, other kind of lyrics, other kind of style & rhythm.
I really don’t know why but I love to listen this song in my MP3 player on the way from school to home when the weather is cold. It brings me back good memories of my childhood back in early 90’s.
Hope you enjoy this song & please, if you can share with us the complete lyrics of this song I will be really thankful.
God Bless You friends. See you next week with another Freestyle release.

Side A

I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (Club Mix)

Side B

I'll Never Stop (Dubbing You)

I'll Never Stop (Loving You) (Radio Version)

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