viernes, 9 de septiembre de 2011

Tonasia - Tears Of Tears (1991)

Hi! Hello my dear friends, today I have for you this MicMac release from 1991, it’s Tonasia’s Tears of Tears. You know, I bought this record sealed & the first time I played it was when I converted it to mp3, so, you are listening to a completely new record, without scratches, background noises or skips.
If you knew that my favorite version is Berrios Beats, you know me very well, haha. But this is not my favorite Tonasia’s single, my first favorite is Wondering & second Games Of Love, but I don’t find them yet.
Enjoy this song & all the bonus beats on side 2, God Bless You, see you next week with another release.

Side 1

Tears Of Tears (Club Version)

Tears Of Tears (Radio Version)

Side 2

Tears Of Tears (OS Dub Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Grendel Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Berrios Beats)

Tears Of Tears (Beats of the Saints)

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