viernes, 23 de septiembre de 2011

Bonton - Crying From A Broken Heart (1988)

Hello my friends! Today I’m really happy because today started autumn (or fall, however haha). I’m that happy that I posted one record of my special collection. Also, this is my number 4 on my “Top 10: Favorite Freestyle Songs Ever”.
As I know (because I asked on youtube, personally to the husband of the girl who sings) they released only 1000 copies of this record, but they sold less than 900. But the fact with this record is not the rarity, the fact is that it is really really good, really strong, with nice vocals & edits. The producers, editors, programmers, mixers & singer were genius of music, & I still wonder why they didn’t released another record.
I don’t have a favorite version on this record because all 4 versions are really good.
Enjoy this record, play it on your car, your house, your work station, your parties, with your friends, wherever you go, because I posted it specially for you 
God bless you my friends, see you next week with another record.

Side A

Crying From A Broken Heart (Rox’s Club Mix)

Crying From A Broken Heart (Raed Dubs From A Broken Heart)

Side B

Crying From A Broken Heart (Radio Version)

Crying From A Broken Heart (Xander & Louis Mix)

4 comentarios:

giallokiller dijo...

Ey yo, this one is really great!
Thank you very much!

Please keep posting these rarities from the golden age of (freesytle) music! :)

Angel Rios dijo...

Hi friend Im glad to see people like you who love freestyle like I do, thanks. I only want to ask for to you, please use another file hosting zshare get enable quickly
Espero me haya dejado entender
Greetings from Perú

Angel Rios dijo...

Wow Im glad to see there's still people like you who love freestyle like I do. Bro' can you use another filehosting please? I had some trubles with zshare many times cause its links were broken quickly

Juako L dijo...

Hola Angel Rios :) el disco anterior y este ultimo intenté subirlos por medio de RapidShare y MegaUpload, pero no supe bien aun como funcionan, quiero subirlos a un servidor que reproduzca automaticamente el mp3, igual que zShare, seguire buscando :) muchas gracias por el aviso