domingo, 4 de diciembre de 2011

Dino - Sunshine (1989)

Hello my friends, today I’m posting one of the first Freestyle records I had in my life. Can you see the label of the record? Well, the record sounds just like the label looks, haha.
I found this one on a flea market back in 1995. My dad bought this one for me, because he liked this kind of music back in late 80’s (I remember he bought for me also some 45’s of Sa-Fire, Sweet Sensation, Kon Kan, Paula Abdul, Rick Astley, etc. & I still have a few, hehe).
I know the quality of vinyl is very bad (I used to play it everyday when I was 7), but believe me, this record means so much for me, being one of my firsts.
Enjoy it my friends, of course next weekend I’ll post something new & with better sound quality.
God bless you, see you next week.

Side A

Sunshine (Edit)

Side B

Sunshine (Instrumental)

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