domingo, 14 de noviembre de 2010

Ivette Carrion - Let Me Be (1988)

Hello friends, tonight I'm posting this track from 88. Let Me Be by Genuine Part's Ivette Carrion, one of my favorites from Freestyle, don't know why, maybe because it has everything I like about freestyle, a nice voice, cool beats, amazing edits, Miami sound & the best of all, it is from 1988 (for me, the best year for music).
I just can't explain why artists like her just recorded one song & then they dissapear (or they have even rarer recordings).
See you my friends, enjoy this record &... DANCE!!! =D

Side 1

Let Me Be (Club Mix)

Let Me Be (Radio Mix)

Side 2

Let Me Be (Dub Mix)

Let Me Be (Bonus Beats)

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