domingo, 7 de noviembre de 2010

Jason Tomi - Cry For Love (1991)

Hi friends I'm back after a long week. Tonight I'm sharing this Ligosa record from 1991. I found it last week in the garage of one of my cousins, he bought it a long time ago but I just knew it last week... & he gave it to me with other records!!!
This one is Cry For Love by Jason Tomi from 1991. This one is more hip-hop than freestyle but it is really good. The last 2 versions on side 2 come together in the same link, because they come together like one track.
I hope you enjoy it & dance with it :)
See you next weekend.

Side One

Cry For Love (Club Mix)

Cry For Love (Dub Mix)

Side Two

Cry For Love (Radio Edit)

Cry For Love (Gogopella)
Cry For Love (Beats & Doors)

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