domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Bose - Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (1988)

Hello to all my friends. I posted this record more than 2 years ago, when FreestyleTown started, but now it is once again with a better sound quality & a louder sound.
This is from 1988. Is an electro-freestyle-breack-beat tune I found a long time ago. It was produced by Rockwell Records, & distributed by Hot Productions. You will love this song, my favorite version is Radio.
Have a nice week & tell me if you like this record.

Side A

Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (Radio)

Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (Percapella)

Side B

Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (Club Mix)

Robo-Cop (Who-R-U) (Inst)

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