domingo, 28 de noviembre de 2010

Martika - Más De Lo Que Te Imaginas (1989)

Hi. I don't use to post albums or selected songs from an album in this blog, but today I had to make an exception.
This song called "Mas de lo que te Imaginas" is a spanish version for the Freestyle hit of Martika "More Than You Know". It only comes on some latin pressings of her self-titled album.
This is the mexican pressing, so the english version was replaced for this one, also it replaces her smash hit "Toy Soldiers" for a spanish version called "Como Un Juguete".
Enjoy it friends!!

Mas De Lo Que Te Imaginas (More Than You Know in Spanish)

Bonus Track:
Como Un Juguete (Toy Soldiers in Spanish)

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